Bachelor Peter Weber: Here’s everything you need to know


Photo by: ABC’s The Bachelor

This seasons Bachelor, Peter Weber, smiles with the thirty contestants all fighting for his heart.

Kaitlyn Zellner, Online Editor-in-Chief

The 24th season of The Bachelor aired on January 6th, making Peter Weber the new star of my life. I have only been watching the Bachelor for a little over a year. In that time I watched Ben Higgins, Jojo Fletcher, Colton Underwood, and then Hannah Brown “find love”. While I love the show and live for the drama on it, I don’t expect any of these relationships to last. And definitely don’t think anyone is there “for the right reasons.” Peter Weber’s season so far has been a living nightmare, both for him and the audience. All the girls are more toxic and more psychotic than usual; that being said if you don’t want any spoilers, stop reading now because I am going to break down my thoughts on all the girls and the drama up until episode six, which came out on Wednesday.

Peter Weber. 28. Pilot.




Let’s start this off with the man himself; Peter Weber. As we know Peter was previously on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, he was sent home after the fantasy suites which was incredibly confusing because Hannah always made it seem like he was going to be at least in the final two. But we don’t need to talk about her, she kept Luke P. around so she is obviously confused with what she wants. Speaking of confusing, she showed up on night one and the first group date practically begging for Peter back. I think we can all agree that Hannah doesn’t deserve the sweetheart that is Pete the pilot, but he probably should’ve left with her then to spare himself the catfights that would consume the rest of his journey. Peter’s final six girls are Kelsey, Kelley, Madison, Victoria F., Hannah Ann, and Natasha. I won’t speak to the women yet, but Peter is constantly rewarding the drama. If you don’t cry to Peter, or stalk him before the show and kiss him in a hotel lobby, do you even deserve a rose? Peter says no. The producers have put this genuinely nice guy through so much, from his ex showing up, to the Chase Rice incident, all the windmill jokes, and the most unstable women, I think it’s fair to say Peter is going to grow a lot through this journey. My social media is flooded with Bachelor content, lots of them saying Peter is the worst Bachelor ever. I totally disagree, he is the most genuine guy. It is very evident he is there to find his wife, he isn’t just there to get with lots of women or gain fame. I’m sure it’s a bonus but not the main reason. So many viewers wanted Mike or Tyler C. from Hannah Browns season to become The Bachelor, which makes no sense. Mike is a very sweet guy, and I understand the lack of diversity in the show isn’t inclusive, but Mike was really boring. He was a nice guy but all he could do was smile, he would’ve been the most awkward Bachelor. Plus Peter is a pilot and Mike is a model and a veteran, there are way more themed activities (and puns) to do with Peter’s occupation. And Mike was rumored to ace dated Demi Lovato after the final rose while Tyler C. was dating Gigi Hadid when Peter was chosen, so don’t feel too bad for them not getting it. They’re fine.

I can’t stall any longer, let’s cover all the crazy ladies of the season:

Alayah. 24. Orthodontist assistant. Former Miss Texas.





As a Texan, I thought it was so cool to have Miss Texas represent in the show. The first two or three episodes Alayah was quiet and a very sweet girl. Things quickly changed when she started to reveal her pageant days shaped her into a strong woman who was capable of “answering questions without actually saying anything” and was very good at being who people wanted her to be. She also started saying things to the other girls when the cameras were off about being excited to be Bachelorette and making it very evident that she wasn’t here for the right reasons. If I had a dollar for every time someone was accused of being there for the wrong reasons I would have enough money to buy a plane for me and Peter to fly away together. Sydney called Alayah out on being fake and ended up warning Peter that someone wasn’t (you guessed it) there for the right reasons. This was my favorite part, Peter literally calls on Sydney and asks for a name of who she thinks is fake, did I mention this was in front of everyone, well Sydney called her out and then the Alayah epidemic broke out. The next few episodes were Alayah revealing how nasty and calculated she was, while Peter went back and forth on her. Ultimately he sent her home deciding she wasn’t trustworthy. But that wasn’t all, practically five minutes after he sent her home she came back! Those sneaky producers! She didn’t redeem herself at all, but she did share a very intimate and weird moment with Peter and Victoria P. I feel like I need to talk about this part. They were going back and forth about not knowing each other, it was a her word versus her word. But neither story from either girl made any sense. They both knew each other before the show but didn’t want to acknowledge each other, because apparently they both manipulated each other and wow my head hurts. You saw the episode, you get it, it was weird and they both looked stupid. After Alayah being fake to everyone and really nasty to all the girls, she was finally sent home in episode four. As Natasha said, she made her bed and had to A-lay-ah in it.

Avonlea. 27. Cattle rancher.

Wondering who this lady is? Me too. No clue who she is, but I felt she should be acknowledged for he 10 minutes on this season.

Alexa. 27. Esthetician.





Alexa was another wallflower. She was very calm and cool but I wouldn’t recognize her if I saw her.

Courtney. 26. Cosmetologist.





Courtney and Peter would make a very cute couple but I’m not even sure if they met.

Deandra. 23. Home care coordinator.





Poor Deandra was upstaged by all the drama, she was really nice and funny but she was sent home fairly right after Alayah. The second time Alayah went home, just to be clear. I thought it was pretty savage of Peter to send her home when he did, their last scene together she joked bout her dress being made of “wifey material”, they joked around and Peter agree. I just imagine him thinking “yeah but not my wife though”.

Eunice. 23. Flight attendant.





Peter: I want a love just like my parents. My dad was a pilot, just like me, and my mom was a flight attendant.

Eunice: I’m a flight attendant.

*Peter runs*

And scene. I don’t have anything to say about her because she left night one, all of the flight attendant did, but I’m sure Hello Fresh or Revolve will take care of her.

Hannah Ann. 23. Model.




Okay, now we’re getting back to the girls who actually matter. Hannah Ann is still in the running for Peter’s heart, but I don’t know how she got a rose on their last one-on-one. On their one-on-one in Chile, she revealed that she’s never been in love before. But she has been in a three-year relationship. I know I’m bad at math but if she couldn’t fall in love with her boyfriend of three years how is she supposed to fall in love with Peter in two months. Peter heard that and had doubts, luckily, but quickly threw those doubts away because Hannah Ann started crying. If she was crying and revealed something actually useful then I would have no complaints, but this girl was crying because she thought she was about to be sent home. Hannah Ann has bugged me since night one, her and Kelsey got into a huge fight about champagne (I still can’t believe that was real) and Hannah Ann was just trying to say the right things to Kelsey. She was putting on her polite smile ad folding her hands and acting like a perfect little princess. She is playing the victim, while I don’t think the champagne stealing was intentional the way she handled it was very calculated. As Hannah Brown would say “I’m not perfect, I’m real” is Hannah Ann’s whole vibe. She isn’t perfect but she really tries to be. I’m over her, can we move on to someone relevant.

Jade. 26. Flight attendant.





Well this isn’t what I meant by relevant. Remember when I said Peter sent all the flight attendants home on night one. Jade and Eunice were booted quicker than the girls mentioning the windmill on night one.

Jasmine. 25. Client relations manager.





Again, not sure if this girl was even in the show but will mention her out of respect.

Jenna. 22. Nursing student.






Night one wasn’t kind to dark-haired girls. But it’s okay Jenna is 22, she can go sing Taylor Swift with her girlfriends.

Katrina. 28. Pro sports dancer.





One of the few girls who are actually age-appropriate and seemed mature, but like I said night one is cruel.

Kelley. 27. Attorney.





Kelley is in the final six, and is one of Bachelor Nation’s favorites. Everyone thinks because she is an attorney and not a model that makes her have more substance, I don’t think so. Kelley “coincidentally” met Peter before the show at a hotel and let’s just say things got passionate. I don’t buy that Kelley met Peter organically or that she even likes him. She is one of the girls who avoid drama, which is refreshing, but every date or moment she shares with Peter is awkward and questionable. For example, remember their one-on-one in Santiago, Peter started talking about what he wants in his wife and was being very serious and Kelley interrupts by screaming, “LIZARD!”. Very mature. She wasn’t listening to him at all and Peter should’ve trusted his gut and sent her home. But we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with her and Peter.

Kelsey. 28. Professional clothier.





Kelsey confuses me. I can’t tell if she is emotionally unstable or if the show only shows her in moments of weakness. She got off to a rough start, the champagne “fiasco”, did make her seem very crazy. It isn’t bad that she cries when she feels sad or frustrated, because I can understand how this situation could be overwhelming if you actually like the Bachelor. I think her feelings for Peter are genuine and that she is a reasonable girl who tries to avoid the drama as much as possible. She is one of the final six and while I really like her and thinks she contributes some fun to the show, I think she is going to be leaving in tonight’s episode. Peter does seem to like her but she isn’t right for him. She will probably go to Paradise, but definitely won’t be the Bachelorette by any means.

Kiarra. 23. Nanny.



Kiarra was sweet, but didn’t last long enough to make any sort of impression.

Kylie. 26. Entertainment sales associate.


Kylie in the show for such a small amount of time I don’t even recognize her. But her hair looks good in this photo, she probably won’t be seen on any ABC shows again.

Lauren. 26. Marketing executive.


Lauren did not make it past episode 2, but she seemed very calm and probably would’ve prevented all the craziness from happening.

Lexi. 26. Marketing coordinator.





Lexi started off very sweet and there seemed to be potential but she ended up being apart of a little clique in the house, a Karen to Sydney’s Regina. Her only move was the red corvette and speaking to who in the house was crazy, spoiler alert: everyone is crazy.

Madison. 23. Foster parent recruiter.

I would just like to start this off by asking HOW is Madison 23. This whole time I thought she was 26, think about this; Hannah Ann and Madison are the same age. That alone has my mind blown, but let’s continue with how she has been on the show. She has been the sanest and the most genuine this whole time. I hope she ends up with Peter, they both are way above the show and are actually good people. She got the first one-on-one and ended up meeting his whole family, she seemed to fit in very well with his life and Peter felt the strongest for her. She is luckily still in the show and I think at the end of this it’s going to be her and Hannah Ann as the final two. The one thing that was very weird though was she commented on her own Instagram post saying “Beautiful date Madi. You are so genuine and real *heart emoji*”. She later claimed it was her friend still logged into her account since her friend was posting for her while she was recording the show, but I don’t know if I buy that story. Even if she did comment on her own post that doesn’t take away from the fact that she has stayed away from all drama and only every been friends with the girls and honest with Peter. But we’ll see.

Maurissa. 23. Patient care coordinator.


She seemed nice, but like a lot of the other girls didn’t last long.

Megan. 26. Flight attendant.

Remember this flight attendant? Yeah, me neither.

Mykenna. 22. Fashion blogger.

Mykenna’s faces will forever haunt my nightmares. She will forever be known as the girl with wacky facial expressions and overuse of her tongue in random moments of stress. She had a breakdown every 20 minutes, panicked that Peter wouldn’t get to know her heart. But if she spent less time crying and complaining about not having enough time with him she would’ve actually had enough time to get to know him. Her drama with Tammy was clearly just Tammy’s insecurities coming out, but Mykenna took advantage of the opportunity to monologue about being a strong woman who loves herself and spreads kindness. Truly a nice sentiment, but she felt ingenuine and felt rehearsed in those moments. Her exit interview seemed like a desperate last try to be on Bachelor in Paradise or even the Bachelorette- but she hopefully won’t be the Bachelorette. She was a funny girl while on the show but I think we can all agree her breakdowns won’t be missed in the last few episodes.

Natasha. 31. Event planner.

So Natasha is one of the final six. And all I have to say is; how? As an individual, she is really funny, strong, doesn’t put up with nonsense, is mature, kind, and a good person. But she hasn’t had a single date with Peter and she hasn’t shared a sweet moment with him. I have no clue how she made it so far, but maybe she will surprise us in tonight’s episode. I doubt it, I think she’s going home tonight.

Payton. 23. Business development representative.

I don’t remember Payton, but she does look like Cassie Randolph from Colton Underwood’s season.

Sarah. 24. Medical radiographer.

Twitter says Sarah deserved better and they hope to see her in Paradise, I personally don’t remember her at all.

Savannah. 27. Realtor.

Savannah was very age-appropriate for Peter, one of the few who are, but apparently there was no spark between the two.

Shiann. 27. Administrative assistant.

Shiann was a very tough girl, she showed her personality on the group date in Cleveland during the football game. She was a really calm and kind person in the house but she wasn’t right for Peter. When she did not receive a rose in episode 4 her final words to him were a warning that some other girls in the house aren’t who he thinks they are. A bold statement for an introverted girl, but I think Peter shouldn’t trust any of the girls but Madison. They all are there for the wrong reasons and it shows.

Sydney. 24. Retail marketing manager.

I started off really liking Sydney, she called Alayah out and was the first to warn Peter of her true colors. But Sydney quickly became the Regina of the house, it wasn’t clear until the cocktail party was canceled and Tammy went off on the girls. Tammy made a comment on how Sydney had a posse of girls with her at all times, and she just acted like she was better than Tammy and acted just like Regina. Sydney talked smack about the girls behind their backs, and while I believe she was no-nonsense I’m not sure if I believe she was innocent off camera. As the show has been airing, fans have done research and exposed some of the women of the season, Sydney being one of them. On her one-on-one with Peter, she revealed she was an outcast in high school and was bullied so much to the point where she had to eat in the bathroom every day and didn’t go to any school dances due to having interracial parents. The internet did its thing and found out Sydney was actually a pageant girl, much like Alayah, and went to all her school dances with none other than Hannah Brown. This show is next level. Luckily she went home, but I am very excited for the women tell all.

Tammy. 24. House flipper.

Tammy, Tammy, Tammy. We all know a Tammy. The girl who thinks the best way to thrive in life is tearing others down but disguising it as loving concern. Tammy went to Peter about a few different girls claiming she was so concerned. She definitely played it smart, picking off the weak. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work unless you have a genuine connection with the guy. She didn’t. Her time with Peter was spent only ever talking about her “concern” for others. She was very manipulative with the girls in the house and with Peter. She at one point spread rumors of Kelsey being addicted to popping pills. Remember that cocktail party that was canceled? Tammy lost her mind in that scene, standing and shouting, attacking others, going back on her word, changing her story, she just had so many issues and was such a headache. Thank goodness she got sent home on the two-on-one with Mykenna.

Victoria F. 26. Medical sales representative.

I really like Victoria F., she is really funny but I think it’s fair to say she is shady. She is pretty quiet about her relationship with Peter and avoids the drama in the house but also isn’t afraid to call people out. As a person, she seems very real and genuine, but with Peter, she seems scared and unsure of what she wants. She is in the top six and while I really like her I don’t think she will be in Peter’s top two. There is too much doubt and uncertainty between the two. I hope she becomes the Bachelorette and meets someone there.

Victoria P. 27. Nurse.

Victoria was sent home before the last rose ceremony, which came to me as a shock. While she started out as one of my front runners for Peter, she quickly got sucked up in drama with Alayah who she was friends with before the show. The drama between Alayah and Victoria P. still confuses me and I’m not sure who was lying or why they even decided to. Their issues seemed irrelevant and were very confusing. Unfortunately for Victoria P., the drama with Alayah was her own undoing. I thought she would be in the final six, taking Natasha’s spot but who knows, this show is unpredictable. Chris Harrison said to expect turbulence and I think it was fair to say he was right on that.

That concludes the women of this season. This group of women was different than any other before them, the drama is overshadowing the relationships. Lots of fans think Peter wanted to be with Hannah Brown and has used the drama to sabotage his own season since he wants to be with Hannah B. I’m not sure if I think Peter is sabotaging himself, I would blame the production team for stacking too much drama on his plate. A fan theory I keep hearing is that someone on the production team is in love with Peter and is sabotaging his relationships with the women. Chris Harrison did say that this ending is the most unconventional and shocking of the series, so this is a possibility, other fans think someone is pregnant. All I can say on the ending is I hope he isn’t single, and that we find out who his mom was crying about in the trailers. Only time will tell!