Credibility on Instagram


Maya Hayne

Students use instagram, a major social media platform. The student takes a instagram picture with a phone to post on instagram .

Instagram is a major social media platform that has millions of users, almost all of which are active and post frequently. Along with many other social media platforms, it brings many problems. Many people suffer from mental health problems from being on social media. In addition to this, people are photoshopping their pictures and other users are buying followers and likes. 

One of the problems that affects credibility on Instagram is photoshopping. Photoshopping posts has become a big problem over the years.  Now you can’t tell if photos have been photoshopped or not. Many big celebrities have their photos photoshopped for them such as Britany Spears and the Kardashians. This is a big deal for many people’s credibility on Instagram. Photoshopping yourself or someone else is uncredible because you are changing the way that someone looks. People could alter any part of their body and make it look most ideal to them.

Many people use photoshop for their photos on Instagram, but they’ve only started doing this fairly recently. Big magazine companies affected this by photoshopping people to change aspects of their appearance, and now the practice has spread to social media. People edit their photos to make themselves the best version of themselves or make them feel more confident. 

Another issue is the mental health problems that occur because of Instagram. According to The Economist, 67% of social media users are miserable.  This percentage is so high because people can see posts that make them feel bad about themselves. They could create a standard of beauty off of Instagram, which can be damaging. People need to learn to love themselves for who they are and not what they think perfect is.

 Another issue is users being able to screenshot other people’s posts. Anyone can use photos from someone else’s Instagram to catfish people. Anyone can have their posts stolen, passed around, and made fun of. This is an easy way for students to be bullied.  People can also screenshot posts and post them as their own. If people post them on their own end, that would make their Instagram less credible. 

Buying likes is another issue too. Some big Instagram pages buy likes from websites or apps. This negatively affects someone’s credibility because they are lying about their likes because they are buying them. Usually, accounts get likes from other accounts but when buying likes you get likes from bot accounts instead of getting likes from other people. This would show your followers that you’re getting more likes than you would if you didn’t buy them. Doing something like this would make your Instagram uncredible. 

Buying followers is another problem when focusing on credibility. An account could buy thousands of fake followers and make people think that they got their followers on their own. Other accounts can work hard and get hardly as many followers. This can give people fake credit that they don’t deserve. This is another thing that is important to a person or business’s credibility on Instagram. 

Many users partake in editing, like-buying, and follower-buying, making Instagram uncredible.  If you want to keep your Instagram credible. then just be honest about your posts, followers, and likes.

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